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CalEPA has developed “screening values” for 54 hazardous substances that are typically found at brownfields sites

CalEPA’s regulatory boards and departments play an essential role in cleaning up contaminated sites to protect public health and the environment. However, with an estimated 90,000 properties in California that remain idle or underutilized because of real or perceived environmental contamination, it is clear that sufficient public resources could never be allocated to accomplish this goal. California’s brownfields will not be restored to productive use without significant participation by the private sector. Discovering mutually beneficial ways to involve investors in the future of these polluted properties is crucial.

To preserve California’s “greenfields,” including its prime agricultural lands, California must invest itself in developing an effective brownfields program. CalEPA is active in developing successful brownfields programs that incorporate tools that can be used to assist in or address the three primary concerns of potential developers: legal liability, regulatory compliance, and the financial burden of investigation and cleanup. CalEPA, and its constituent boards and departments, are developing partnerships with local governmental agencies and actively developing tools and resources that can be used separately and in concert to encourage capital investment in sites to return them to productive use.

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