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Polanco Redevelopment Act

The Polanco Redevelopment Act (AB 3193, Chapter 1113, Statutes of 1990, Polanco), part of the Community Redevelopment Act, was enacted to assist redevelopment agencies in responding to brownfield properties in their redevelopment areas. It prescribes processes for redevelopment agencies to follow when cleaning up a hazardous substance release in a redevelopment project area. It also provides immunity from liability for redevelopment agencies and subsequent property purchasers for sites cleaned up under a cleanup plan approved by DTSC or a Regional Board. The Polanco Redevelopment Act has become a widely used tool by redevelopment agencies to guide and pursue redevelopment of brownfields. Redevelopment agencies requesting approval of their cleanup plans under the provisions of the Polanco Act are required to reimburse DTSC’s and the Regional Boards’ oversight costs.

Last updated: January 21, 2005
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