Bulletins, Policy Memos, and Guidance Letters

Unified Program Bulletins/Policy Memos are sent to all Unified Program Agencies and /or other interested parties. All Bulletins/Policy memos are PDF files.

Bulletins/Policy Memos Title Date
UP-15-01 Policy for Hazardous Materials Inventory Reporting Timing (PDF) 9/1/2015
UP-14-08 Reporting Underground Storage Tank Information (PDF) 10/27/2014
UP-14-07 Submittals Made by Military or Other Federal Government Operated Facilities in the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) (PDF) 02/28/2014
UP-14-05 Prioritizing Regulated Businesses’ Electronic Submission of Unified Program Information, Chemicals of Concern Prioritization Table (PDF)
Attachment 1: Chemicals of Concern Prioritization Table (MS Word)
UP-14-04 Reporting for the Hazardous Materials Business Plan Program Below Threshold Quantities (PDF) 09/17/2014
UP-14-02 CME Reporting, Electronic Submittal for FY 13-14 (PDF) 01/17/2014
UP-14-01 (Rev. 7/7/14) Onsite Maintenance of Required Unified Program Information (PDF) 01/13/2014
UP-13-06 Generic EMail Accounts for Business Users in CERS (PDF) 06/28/2013
UP-13-05 Submission of Annual Summary Reports and Formal Enforcement Summaries (PDF) 04/19/2013
UP-13-04 Agricultural Handlers Exemption (PDF) 03/19/2013
UP-13-03 Relationship Between Semi-Annual UST Program Reporting (Report 6) and California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) 03/05/2013
UP-13-02 California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) General Use Policy for CUPAs and PAs (PDF) 01/28/2013
UP-13-01 CalEPA Unified Program Policy for Hazardous Materials Inventory Reporting Timing (PDF) 01/02/2013
UP-12-01 CalEPA Unified Program Policy for Federal Facility Payment Disputes of General Oversight Charges Guidance Letter (Amended) (PDF) 10/31/2013
UP-11-07 CalEPA Unified Program Policy for Hazard Classification - Solids & Liquids - Guidance (PDF) 06/07/2012
UP-11-06 CalEPA Unified Program Policy Memo for Hazard Classification - Gases - Guidance (PDF) 06/07/2012
UP-11-05 CalEPA Unified Program Policy Memo for the reviewed UST construction for Ethanol fueling systems constructed by Propel (PDF) 09/19/2011
UP-11-04 CalEPA Unified Program Policy Memo for The Single Fee System and The Fee Accountability Program (PDF) 06/01/2011
UP-11-03 CalEPA Unified Program Policy Memo for Lead Acid Battery Inventory Reporting (PDF) 04/28/2011
1011-01 PA to CUPA Electronic Reporting Relationship (PDF) 04/08/2011
0910-06 (Rev. 9/13/10) BOE Tank Number Collection (PDF) 09/13/2010
0910-02 Formal Enforcement Action Guidance for Environmental Violations (PDF) 03/29/2010
0910-01 Federal Facility payment Disputes of General Oversight Surcharges (PDF) 03/29/2010
0809-01 Department of Defense Facility Fee Payment Guide (PDF) 06/26/2009
  Opinion No. 07-312 Letter to the AG Office (PDF) 05/17/2007
0405-02 Regulation of Agricultural Handlers under the Unified Program (PDF) 12/13/2004
0304-05 Underground Storage Tank Surcharge (PDF) 11/20/2003

If you require special accommodation to access a document pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact the Certified Unified Program at cupa@calepa.ca.gov.

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