Dairy Digesters

CalEPA has partnered with CDFA, USDA and U.S. EPA to form a dairy digester task force.

One of the recommendations of this task force was the implementation of a consolidated permit process to aid permitting of dairy digesters and to clarify permitting processes and requirements. Consolidated Permit Fact Sheet (PDF).

Relevant Permitting Agencies have developed flow charts to demonstrate the different permitting scenarios for dairy digester projects based on project characteristics.

In 2010, the Central Valley Water Board released a Programmatic EIR (PDF) for dairy digester projects to simplify the CEQA review and permitting of these facilities. 

CalEPA also released with the Central Valley Water Board a Permitting Guide for Dairy Digesters (2011, PDF) to provide an in depth explanation of permitting requirements.

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Last updated: January 10, 2014
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