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California Clean Air Act Streamlining AB 3048 (Olberg)


AB 3048 is a procedural streamlining of the California Clean Air Act as sponsored by the Air Resources Board. It would align state and federal law where possible, provide for more assessment of air quality benefits before changing district classification, and would delete obsolete ridesharing provisions.


The California Clean Air Act was signed into law in 1988 and, for the first time, clearly spelled out in statute California's air quality goals, planning mechanisms, regulatory strategies, and standards of progress. The California Clean Air Act provides the State with a comprehensive framework for air quality planning regulation. Prior to passage of the Act, federal law contained the only comprehensive planning framework.

The Clean Air Act requires attainment of state ambient air quality standards by the earliest practicable date. For air districts in violation of the state ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, or nitrogen dioxide standards, attainment plans were required by July 1991.


During implementation of the California Clean Air Act and during development of the federal State Implementation Plan (SIP) areas where greater efficiency could be achieved and potential inequities came to light and are addressed in this bill.


AB 3048 would make the following changes to the California Clean Air Act.

Align the California Clean Air Act baseline year with the federal Clean Air Act.

Modify the state annual report requirements so that air districts can use the report to demonstrate federal milestone compliance.

Merge the requirements for triennial progress reports and plan updates, and clarify under what circumstances an air district needs to prepare a comprehensive plan update.

Make the now automatic bump-up to the next higher classification discretionary based on the air quality benefit.

Apply the "nonattainment-transitional" designation on a smaller district basis instead of a basinwide basis. Currently, an air district cannot become nonattainment-transitional until all air districts in the air basin qualify.

Delete the specific requirement that "serious" and above air districts include measures requiring low-emission motor vehicle fleets.

Delete now obsolete employer ridesharing statutes.


Chris Reynolds, Legislative Director, (916) 322-2896 Kurt Karperos, Legislative Representative, Air Resources Board, (916) 322-2896

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