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The California Environmental Protection Agency maintains e-mail lists (listservs) for stakeholders interested in the programs listed below. This page allows you to subscribe and unsubscribe to these lists. To receive an e-mail showing the lists you are currently subscribed to, please go to My Listserv Account. If you change your e-mail address you must unsubscribe and then re-subscribe with your new e-mail address.

Currently Available E-Mail Lists

Listserv Description Action Action
Cal/EPA: BrownfieldsPeriodic e-mail notification on brownfields and land recycling topics.SubscribeUnsubscribe
Cal/EPA: CERS Change Management CommitteeThis listserv provides information about the activities and decisions of the CERS Change Management Committee (CMC), which has seven members representing the State of California, and local regulator and business users. All interested parties are encouraged to subscribe to this listserv. Subscribers will receive emails approximately monthly concerning upcoming meeting agendas, minutes and decisions of the CMC, and other relevant information.SubscribeUnsubscribe
Cal/EPA: CERS EDT ImplementersThis listserv is intended for information technology professionals and others who have direct responsibility for implementing electronic data transfer (EDT) to the Cal/EPA Unified Program's California Environmental Reporting System (CERS). Subscribers will receive up to a few emails per month on news, announcements, and other technical content concerning Cal/EPA's efforts to implement CERS2 EDT.SubscribeUnsubscribe
Cal/EPA: CERS Regulator User GroupThis listserv is the primary communication tool for members of the CERS Regulator User Group members, which includes all Unified Program regulators, CERS managers, and other parties who participate or are interested in CERS and the Unified Program. The California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) is used by both California businesses and regulators to electronically collect and report on hazardous materials-related data. Subscribers will receive emails approximately twice per month concerning upcoming meetings, action items, and other relevant information.SubscribeUnsubscribe
Cal/EPA: Education and the Environment InitiativeCalifornia`s Education and the Environment Initiative (AB 1548) listserv sends periodic notifications on implementation efforts and when new documents and draft work products are available for review and comment.SubscribeUnsubscribe
Cal/EPA: Environmental JusticeThe Cal/EPA Environmental Justice (EJ) Listserve provides periodic updates on our EJ Action Plan implementation efforts, announcements of upcoming EJ activities and public input opportunities, and notices when new information has been posted to the Cal/EPA EJ Website.SubscribeUnsubscribe
Cal/EPA: News and InformationSubscribers receive an e-mail notification when news and information is posted to the Cal/EPA Web site. Subscribers will receive an average of 3-6 postings per month.SubscribeUnsubscribe
Cal/EPA: Site Designation CommitteeThis listserv will provide notice when the Site Designation Committee will be meeting and provide a link to the upcoming meeting agenda.SubscribeUnsubscribe
Cal/EPA: Unified ProgramThe Unified Program listserv is used to distribute program bulletins, news items, and a monthly newsletter that includes information submitted by state agencies with Unified Program responsibilities and is forwarded to Unified Program Agencies, State Agency representatives, and other interested parties.SubscribeUnsubscribe

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