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 NamePhone BDOEmployee Type
 A quick answer Line, A All OEHHA (916) 324-7572OEHHA Staff
 Aarons, Jerry (510) 540-3987DTSC Staff
 Aarset, Michael (916) 323-1346ARB Staff
 Abadian, Mahdokht (916) 445-3793DPR Staff
 Abalateo, Ed (916) 324-0873CalRecycle Staff
 Abbasi, Rafat (714) 484-5449DTSC Staff
 Abbey, John (916) 322-3034ARB Staff
 Abdul-Karim, Claude (626) 350-6451ARB Staff
 Abdullah, Khalid (213) 576-6675SWRCB Staff
 Abellana, Sherwine (916) 323-1104ARB Staff
 Abellon, Thomas (916) 341-6883SWRCB Staff
 Abeyta, Adrien (916) 449-5681SWRCB Staff
 Abila, Danielle (916) 324-8867CalRecycle Staff
 Abraham, Johnson (714) 484-5476DTSC Staff
 Abrams, Gerard (916) 255-3600DTSC Staff
 Abusway, Nabila (916) 324-2104ARB Staff
 Acedillo, Josef (510) 540-3613DTSC Staff
 Aceituno, Carlos (916) 324-1942DTSC Staff
 Acharya, Poonam (818) 717-6558DTSC Staff
 Achekzai, Tahmina (510) 540-3904DTSC Contract Personnel
 Achtelik, Gerhard (916) 323-8973ARB Manager
 Acosta, Victor (916) 445-3908DPR Staff
 Acuff, Daniel (916) 255-6660DTSC Staff
 Adackapara, Michael (951) 782-3238Water/R8 Supervisor
 Adair, Chris (805) 549-3761Water/R3 Supervisor
 Adame, Daniel (626) 575-6735ARB Student
 Adamek, Tamma (916) 324-2997DTSC Staff
 Adams, Alicia (916) 323-0668ARB Staff
 Adams, Amie (916) 327-1181DTSC Staff
 Adams, Garth (916) 341-6326CalRecycle Supervisor
 Adams, Jessica (916) 341-6512CalRecycle Staff
 Adams, Lawson (626) 575-6811ARB Staff
 Adams, Nancy (916) 324-8174ARB Staff
 Adams, Randy (916) 255-3591DTSC Staff
 Adams, Stephen (916) 327-5986ARB Counsel
 Adelson, Mark (951) 782-3234Water/R8 Supervisor
 Adhatamsootra, Praphoppat (510) 540-3786DTSC Staff
 Adili, Kamran (916) 323-0014ARB Staff
 Adler, Neil (916) 323-3231ARB Staff
 Adnani, Paul (626) 459-4476ARB Staff
 Aelion, Victor (510) 622-2093Water/R2 Staff
 Afshan, Ambreen (916) 322-8522ARB Staff
 Agarin, Aurel (213) 576-6650SWRCB Staff
 Agarwal, Mukul (818) 717-6668DTSC Staff
 Aggarwal, Rajeev (916) 327-8543ARB Contract Personnel
 Aggarwal, Vaneet (916) 445-5393DPR Staff
 Aggergaard, Cathy (916) 341-6384CalRecycle Support Staff
 Aghakiant, Narine (818) 717-6605DTSC Staff
 Aghazeynali, Hossein (559) 445-6194Water/R5 Staff
 Aguiar, Julie (916) 341-7310DPR Supervisor
 Aguila, Brieanne (916) 324-0919ARB Supervisor
 Aguila, James M. (916) 229-0976ARB Staff
 Aguila, Jim (916) 322-8283ARB Supervisor
 Aguila, Samantha (916) 323-2559ARB Staff
 Aguilar, Adelina (916) 327-6459SWRCB Staff
 Aguilar, Eric (916) 323-6555DTSC Staff
 Aguilar, Leticia (213) 576-6628Water/R4 Staff
 Aguilera, Zenia (916) 327-1266ARB Staff
 Aguirre, Alyssa (916) 322-4761ARB Staff
 Aguirre, Andres (909) 383-4308SWRCB Staff
 Aguirre, Jo-Anne (916) 323-0034CalRecycle Staff
 Aguirre, Juan (626) 575-7033ARB Staff
 Agulto, Eudeline (916) 341-5980SWRCB Student
 Ahlberg, Hunter (916) 341-6167CalRecycle Staff
 Ahluwalia, Hardip (Judge) (916) 324-9512ARB Manager
 Ahmad, Naeem (916) 341-5653SWRCB Staff
 Ahmad, Waqar (510) 540-3932DTSC Staff
 Ahmed, Rafiq (714) 484-5491DTSC Staff
 Ahrens, Melanie (916) 255-6511DTSC Staff
 Ahuja, Kamal (916) 327-5604ARB Staff
 Ahuja, Manjit (916) 327-8528ARB Branch Chief
 Ahuja, Ranjit (916) 324-7639ARB Staff
 Aievoli, Jenny (916) 255-3607DTSC Staff
 Ait-Lasri, Rachid (916) 341-5825SWRCB Staff
 Akanda, Rais (916) 445-4270DPR Staff
 Akens, Angela (916) 341-5580SWRCB Staff
 Akhtarshad, Ray (951) 320-2024Water/R8 Staff
 Aki, Louise (510) 540-3973DTSC Staff
 Akins, Jennifer (916) 327-8809CalRecycle Supervisor
 Akula, Maya (818) 717-6566DTSC Staff
 Alasti, Isabella (714) 484-5405DTSC Staff Counsel
 Alatorre, Salvador (626) 350-6566ARB Staff
 Alavi, Noori (213) 576-6743Water/R4 Staff
 Albano, Maritess (818) 551-2028SWRCB Staff
 Albano, Vince Not AvailableAgency Staff
 Albert, Bill (916) 341-6430CalRecycle Manager
 Albrecht, Jeffrey (916) 341-5717SWRCB Staff
 Albright, April (916) 341-6643CalRecycle Staff
 Albright, Mallory (916) 327-8040ARB Staff
 Alcala, Alexandra (714) 484-5335DTSC Staff
 Alchimisti, Don (916) 327-2790CalRecycle Staff
 Alden, Daniel (916) 323-1354ARB Staff
 Alden, Daniel (916) 445-6802Agency Staff
 Alder, Denise M. (916) 324-3522DPR Staff
 Aldous, Charles (916) 324-3504DPR Staff
 Alexander, Andre (510) 540-2591DTSC Staff
 Alexander, Shereta (916) 324-2813ARB Branch Chief
 Alexandre, Alex (818) 717-6538DTSC Contract Personnel
 Alexeeff, George (916) 322-6325OEHHA Director
 Alexiades, Anthy (916) 324-0368ARB Staff
 Alexis, Andrew (916) 323-1085ARB Staff
 Alexis, Maureen (916) 322-2408ARB Staff
 Alfaro, Angie (916) 255-3646DTSC Staff
 Alfson, Jan (559) 488-4345Water/R5 Staff
 Algazi, Andre (916) 324-3114DTSC Supervisor
 Ali, Ainie (916) 322-7865DTSC Staff
 Ali, Mainaz (916) 445-2179ARB Staff
 Ali, Mazhar (213) 576-6652Water/R4 Staff
 Ali, Saif (916) 322-6731ARB Staff
 Ali, Wasim (916) 322-0571ARB Staff
 Alimohammadi, Alex (213) 620-2034Water/R4 Staff
 Allen, Blair (510) 622-2305Water/R2 Staff
 Allen, Chris (916) 341-6146CalRecycle Staff
 Allen, Gregory (916) 341-7370SWRCB Staff
 Allen, Heather (916) 445-4046DPR Staff
 Allen, Peter (916) 324-2132ARB Contract Personnel
 Allen, Richard (818) 717-6607DTSC Staff
 Allen, Terry (626) 450-6154ARB Staff
 Allgood, David (916) 445-8238ARB Staff
 Allshouse, Shawnda (916) 341-5013SWRCB Staff
 Allston, Alexis (916) 323-3383DTSC Staff
 Alo, Tom (619) 521-3375Water/R9 Staff
 Aloianmelikpour, Vaheh (916) 322-1391SWRCB Student
 Alonzo, Manny (714) 484-5425DTSC Supervisor
 Alora, Milagros (818) 551-2026SWRCB Staff
 Alspach, Jon (916) 324-3891DPR Staff
 Altevogt, Andrew (916) 464-4656Water/R5 Asst. Executive Officer
 Alvarado, Alvaro (916) 445-4843ARB Manager
 Alvarado, Natasha (916) 341-5421SWRCB Staff
 Alvarez, Amanda (714) 484-5456DTSC Staff
 Alvarez, Andres (916) 445-9343SWRCB Staff
 Alvarez, Carissa (916) 324-0373CalRecycle Staff
 Alvarez, Maricela (916) 341-6093CalRecycle Staff
 Amador, Fernando (626) 575-6635ARB Manager
 Amador, Fernando A. (916) 255-3737DTSC Supervisor
 Amah, Ginachi (213) 576-6685Water/R4 Staff
 Amante, Nicholas (916) 341-6509CalRecycle Staff
 Amaru, Kathy (916) 464-4607Water/R5 Staff
 Amato, Kirk (916) 341-6762CalRecycle Staff
 Amaya, Jessica (916) 341-5105SWRCB Staff
 Amaya, Marcela (916) 323-1158ARB Staff
 Amaya, Ruth (626) 575-6858ARB Staff
 Ambrose, Sabra (916) 341-6352CalRecycle Staff
 Amegin, Kevin (916) 341-6345CalRecycle Staff
 Amezcua, Carmen (916) 324-4754DTSC Staff
 Amin, Najah (951) 320-6362Water/R8 Staff
 Amini, Nick (951) 782-7958Water/R8 Staff
 Amirebrahimi, Sayareh (818) 717-6534DTSC Chief
 Amorfini, Bud (530) 542-5463Water/R6 Staff
 Amoruso, Bonnie (916) 324-9719DTSC Staff
 Anand, Angela (818) 551-2043SWRCB Supervisor
 Ancheta, Cornelio (916) 323-6558DTSC Staff
 Andam, Lani (916) 464-4723Water/R5 Staff
 Andersen, Barbara (916) 341-5519SWRCB Supervisor
 Anderson, Cari (916) 319-0125ARB Staff
 Anderson, Craig (916) 324-0550ARB Staff
 Anderson, Daniel (916) 341-6342CalRecycle Staff
 Anderson, Emily (916) 322-4553DPR Staff
 Anderson, Evelyn (916) 445-4647ARB Staff
 Anderson, John (619) 521-5894Water/R9 Supervisor
 Anderson, Monica (916) 327-6247ARB Staff
 Anderson, Robert (916) 341-5950SWRCB Staff
 Anderson, Skyler (916) 341-5355SWRCB Staff
 Anderson, Tamara (805) 549-3334Water/R3 Staff
 Anderson, Theresa (916) 445-2159ARB Staff
 Anderson, William (916) 323-9396SWRCB Staff
 Anderson-Abbs, Beverley (916) 999-9999SWRCB Staff
 Ando, Clarice (559) 243-8126DPR Staff
 Andrade, Lisa (916) 323-8376ARB Staff
 Andrade, Rhonda (916) 324-4437CalRecycle Staff
 Andreoni, Lori (916) 322-4011ARB Manager
 Andrews, Charles (916) 445-3984DPR Associate Director
 Andujar, Jose (626) 278-3987ARB Staff
 Angel, Burk (916) 341-5848SWRCB Staff
 Angel, Jose (760) 776-8932Water/R7 Asst. Division Chief
 Angeles, Kathy (916) 327-6112DTSC Staff
 Angulo, Carlos (760) 346-2179Water/R7 Staff
 Angulo, Carlos (760) 776-8946Agency Staff
 Anijielo, Augustine (213) 576-6657Water/R4 Supervisor
 Antonowich, Donald (916) 445-3686DPR Staff
 Aparejo, Jose (714) 484-5312DTSC Staff
 Aparna, Jain (916) 322-5819ARB Staff
 Aquino, Kristina (714) 484-5300DTSC Staff
 Aquino, Nancy (916) 341-5615SWRCB Administrative Assistant
 Aragon, Robert (510) 540-3904DTSC Staff
 Arambula, Alfonso (916) 229-0493ARB Staff
 Arano, Wendy (714) 484-5480DTSC Staff
 Arcana, Miguelita (818) 551-2005SWRCB Staff
 Arce, Jagjeet (916) 322-7148ARB Staff
 Arcus-Arth, Amy (510) 622-3150OEHHA Staff
 Arevalos, Damacio (626) 350-6449ARB Supervisor
 Arevalos, Manuel (626) 459-4383ARB Staff
 Arguelles, Jose (626) 459-4321ARB Staff
 Ariana, Alonzo (916) 552-8069SWRCB Student
 Arias, Christina (619) 521-3361Water/R9 Staff
 Arias, Heather (916) 322-6054ARB Branch Chief
 Arico, Marc (916) 341-6394CalRecycle Staff
 Armas, Jose (626) 575-6858ARB Staff
 Armenta, Valente (626) 350-6452ARB Staff
 Armstrong, Josh (916) 229-0761ARB Staff
 Arnold, Charles (916) 341-5634SWRCB Staff
 Arnold, Ken (916) 324-4006ARB Staff
 Arora, Asha (510) 540-3874DTSC Staff
 Arredondo, Jonathan (916) 341-5047SWRCB Staff
 Arriaga, Oscar (916) 341-6307CalRecycle Staff
 Arriola, Juan (818) 551-2034SWRCB Staff
 Arstein-Kerslake, Gary (916) 341-6147CalRecycle Branch Chief
 Artau, Rudy (916) 341-7316DPR Assistant Director
 Artz, Steve (916) 322-3877DPR Staff
 Arzadon, Charlow (916) 341-5594SWRCB Staff
 Arzoomanian, Shakeh (818) 717-6565DTSC Staff
 Asad, Faraz (909) 383-4312SWRCB Staff
 Asay, Anthony (916) 323-1169ARB Staff
 Asgur, Ali (916) 341-6440CalRecycle Staff
 Ashoor, Ary (916) 323-2624OEHHA Volunteer
 Asinas, Abdalin (916) 255-3613DTSC Staff
 Asnaashari, Siamak (916) 322-4748ARB Staff
 Aston, Rosario (213) 576-6653Water/R4 Staff
 Aston, Steve (916) 327-4724ARB Staff
 Asuncion, Aries (916) 341-5137SWRCB Staff
 Ataya, Nadine (916) 322-8387ARB Staff
 Atencio, Mayra (916) 322-9453ARB Staff
 Atencio, Ryan (916) 324-3500ARB Staff
 Atiqee, Homayune (510) 540-3838DTSC Staff
 Atkins, Carol (916) 324-6894SWRCB Staff
 Atkins, Zane (916) 341-5799SWRCB Student
 Attwood, Jenny (916) 322-4163ARB Staff
 Atwal, Inderdeep (916) 445-0281ARB Staff
 Au, Nhi (916) 341-5931SWRCB Staff
 Au, Patrick (916) 322-3303ARB Staff
 Au Yeung, Cindy (916) 464-4730Water/R5 Staff
 Aue, Marianna (916) 327-4440SWRCB Staff Counsel
 August, Barbara (916) 341-6952SWRCB Staff
 August, Laura (916) 327-7324OEHHA Staff
 Aujla, Sara (916) 341-5031SWRCB Staff
 Aung, Nyein (760) 352-0855DTSC Staff
 Austin, Carrie (510) 622-1015Water/R2 Staff
 Austin, Duncan (916) 464-4712Water/R5 Manager
 Austin, Elaine (916) 327-4500DTSC Staff
 Austin, Jeff (916) 324-0651ARB Staff
 Austin, Tamarin (916) 341-5171SWRCB Staff Counsel
 Auwae-McCoy, Janet (916) 255-4790DTSC Staff
 Auyeung, Janelle (916) 341-6218CalRecycle Staff
 Averill, Kristina (916) 324-4039DPR Support Staff
 Avila, Benjamin (916) 327-1178DTSC Staff
 Avila, Juan (626) 575-7098ARB Staff
 Avila, Michelle (530) 542-5400Water/R6 Staff
 Avise, Jeremy (916) 322-7063ARB Manager
 Avlani, Pranay (916) 324-7662ARB Staff
 Awosika, Tolu (818) 551-2894DTSC Staff
 Axton, Tamarra (916) 324-3104DTSC Supervisor
 Ayala, Alberto (916) 322-2892ARB Deputy Executive Officer
 Ayon, Gabriel (626) 459-4459ARB Staff
 Ayvazian, Juliet (818) 717-6535DTSC Staff
 Azevedo, David (916) 322-8211ARB Manager
 Azimzadeh, Farhad (510) 622-2310Water/R2 Staff

Agency:California Environmental Protection Agency (Office of the Secretary) DPR:Department of Pesticide Regulation
ARB:Air Resources Board DTSC:Department of Toxic Substances Control
CalRecycle:Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery OEHHA:Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
   Water:State/Regional Water Boards

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