CalEPA Biofuels

Biofuels have become an issue of national attention. There are at least four major reasons why biofuels have come to the forefront of both policy and public attention. Concerns about global warming have led to a movement away from conventional fossil fuels and toward renewable biofuels. Increasing demand for energy is a major driver of growth in all fields of fuel production, including biofuels. National security is seen by many as being threatened by continuous import of fuels or crude oils from countries that may be seen as hostile toward the United States, and the feed stocks for biofuels can be grown domestically or imported from more politically appealing countries. Lastly there is a movement by some individuals to lead more locally based lifestyles and it is possible to produce some biofuels on an individual or community scale.

To those not immersed in the subject, the regulation of fuels can be confusing and difficult to understand. To address this confusion, the California Environmental Protection Agency has coordinated the creation of a draft document that is intended as a starting point for potential fuel users, marketers and producers to better identify the regulations and requirements affecting their fuels.

The state agencies coordinated by CalEPA to create this document are: the Air Resources Board, Department of Food and Agriculture, the Office of the State Fire Marshal and the State Water Resources Control Board.

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Last updated: August 23, 2012
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