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30-Day Public Comment Period Open for Proposed Improvements to EEI Unit 11.5.7.

At CalEPA, we care deeply about California’s environment; and like so many Californians, we believe it is essential that we teach our next generation how their actions directly affect the environment. That is why we believe the state's groundbreaking Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI) Curriculum is vital to our state’s future.

The EEI vision is to bring environmental literacy to all California classrooms. This is a vision shared by 90 percent of California parents, according to a recent PPIC poll. Legislation directed CalEPA and the California Department of Education to create the EEI curriculum. Thousands of pages of lessons were subjected to multiple levels of expert and independent review, field-testing and public comment. The state went to great lengths to ensure that the EEI text is factually accurate, free of bias, academically rigorous and engaging to students. The result is a comprehensive, high quality curriculum that meets California’s high academic standards.

We recognize that even an excellent curriculum like the EEI – which was approved by the State Board of Education – can be made better over time through periodic and thoughtful review. It is with this perspective that we now present for public review and comment a handful of proposed improvements to the 11th grade history lesson, “Consequences of Consumption” in EEI Curriculum unit 11.5.7. CalEPA, in coordination with the California Department of Education, carefully reviewed the lesson text. The curriculum improvements (see below) will be open for public comment for 30 days. These improvements are geared toward ensuring the text is academically rigorous, free of bias, reflective of instructional best practices, and factually accurate (e.g., all statistics reflect the best information available at this time). Additionally, the improvements support the internal consistency of the lesson.

CalEPA welcomes all members of the public to read through the proposed improvements and submit comments by June 4, 2012, using the comment form below. CalEPA, in coordination with California Department of Education, will then take all comments into consideration before posting the final curriculum improvements to our website.

Thank you for working with us to ensure that, with the help of the EEI, our next generation is fully prepared to confront the environmental challenges of the 21st century and to fully participate in the emerging green economy. Please view the entire EEI Curriculum at www.californiaeei.org.

For more information on how to bring EEI to your school contact: EEI@calepa.ca.gov.

Reviewing Unit 11.5.7., Lesson 5, Curriculum Improvements

  1. View the proposed curriculum improvements (PDF)
    This pdf document includes proposed additions and deletions to the current EEI lesson.  Deletions appear in strikethrough formatting.  To view additions, click on the colored caret (^) and a text box showing the proposed language will appear on your screen.
  2. View a summary of the proposed curriculum improvements (PDF)
    This document displays the current and proposed language in a table format.
  3. Submit comments on the proposed curriculum improvements using the EEI Public Comment Document (Ms Word) to kamato@calepa.ca.gov by June 4, 2012.

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