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2012 CalEPA Enforcement Report

CalEPA’s mission is to restore, protect, and enhance the environment to ensure public health, environmental quality, and economic vitality. CalEPA’s vision is of a California that enjoys a clean, healthy, sustainable environment, which enhances the quality of life for current and future generations, and protects our diverse natural resources. To achieve the goals of California's environmental laws and to assure a level playing field for businesses in California, consistent and fair enforcement is necessary.

The CalEPA Enforcement Report is a collaborative effort of the Office of the Secretary, the Boards, Departments and Office within the agency and our allied enforcement partners.

The report was created in part to carry out the mandate of Government Code section 12812.2. It provides an overview of enforcement program activities during the 2012 calendar year. All downloadable files are saved as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Some of the PDF files are very large and may require significant download time depending on the type of Internet connection you are using.

Below is the link to the 2012 report, which is the most recent report available. Further below are links to reports from previous years.

The Complete Report

Prior Reports

If you require special accommodation to access these document pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact the Office of the Secretary, CalEPA Communications Office.

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Last updated: August 11, 2014
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