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In 1991, California's environmental authority was unified in a single Cabinet level agency—the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA).

CalEPA Mission

Our mission is to restore, protect and enhance the environment, to ensure public health, environmental quality and economic vitality.

We fulfill our mission by developing, implementing and enforcing environmental laws that regulate air, water and soil quality, pesticide use and waste recycling and reduction. Our departments are at the forefront of environmental science, using the most recent research to shape the state's environmental laws.

The Office of the Secretary heads CalEPA overseeing and coordinating the activities of one office, two boards, and three departments dedicated to improving California’s environment.

In addition to his role leading the office, boards, and departments under CalEPA, the Secretary is a board member of the California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley, the San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy and the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission. He is also a council member of the California Ocean Protection Council and the Strategic Growth Council, and chair of the California Environmental Policy Council.

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