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This section offers a variety of compliance and enforcement information and tools. Find information on local enforcement agencies, legal references, enforcement data and more.

Investigator/Case Development Tools

Below are internet tools that may be used in inspections and enforcement case development.

Please use information that you obtain from the Internet in a responsible manner. Most of the websites listed below are commercial enterprises over which CalEPA exercises no control. CalEPA neither endorses nor certifies that the information on these sites is current, complete, and/or accurate. Make yourself familiar with the policies, disclaimers, and legal requirements that apply to each site that you choose to employ in your research. It is a good idea to verify critical information through independent (non-Internet) means.

Section I: Information on Individuals | Section II: Information on Business Entities | Section III: Forms

Section I: Information on Individuals

Searching for Information by Telephone Number:

    1. Langenberg.com (user can query multiple search engines) | Reverse directory for Langenberg.com
    2. Reverse Phone Directory (multi search engine)
    3. Whitepages.com (finds area code)
    4. Pay Phone Directory (identifies the address of a pay phone)
    5. The Ultimate White Pages (user can query multiple search engines)

Searching for Information by Name and/or Address:

    1. Inmate locator and VINELink
    2. The Ultimate White Pages (user can query multiple search engines)
    3. ZabaSearch: Locate an individual by name.
    4. PoliticalMoneyLine: Political contributor information.
    5. addresses: Reverse e-mail directory and people finder.
    6. Black Book Online (multi search engine)
    7. California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (CLETS): California law enforcement records. This is a paid service with restricted access.
    8. CalEPA Staff Directory
    9. California Online Directory

Genealogy Sites:

  1. Ancestry.com: Locate deceased individuals.
  2. Family Tree Legends
  3. RootsWeb.com: Locate individuals with the same last name living in same city.

Section II: Information on Business Entities

  1. Dun & Bradstreet: This is a paid service.
  2. California Business Search (Secretary of State web page) (The online information is not certified--certified copies require a billing code)
  3. Property Search Databases: Many county assessors have property information available online. To view information for a particular property, you can go to State and Local Government on the Net and drill down to locate the appropriate assessor.
  4. Excluded Parties List System: Find out if an individual or company is not allowed to have a Federal contract.
  5. U.S. EPA Online Tracking Information System (OTIS). The public version is Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO).
  6. Western States Project (WSP) "R@IN" Database: www.regionalassociations.org/ (The Regional Associations operate the Regional Associations Information Network (R@IN), a password-protected website designed specifically for the environmental enforcement professional.)
  7. Dogpile (queries multiple search engines)
  8. West Law: You must have an account for this paid service.

Section III: Forms

Case Development Checklist

Enforcement Data

Air Contact: Air Resources Board for enforcement data inquiries.
Pesticide Contact: Department of Pesticide Regulation for enforcement data inquiries
Database: Enforcement Action Tracking System
Hazardous Waste Contact: Department of Toxic Substances Control for enforcement data inquiries.
Carcinogens Database: New Prop 65 Filings
Water Contact: State Regional Water Quality Control Board

Federal Enforcement Information Reported by CalEPA Programs

  • Find informational links reported by CalEPA on Federal Enforcement Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, and Operating Permits Program Regulations and Rules (Title V).

Local Enforcement Agencies

California Local Air Pollution Districts
In addition to the California Air Resources Board (ARB), air pollution in this state is addressed at the local level by one of 35 Local Air Pollution Districts. Each district establishes and enforces air pollution regulations in order to attain and maintain all state and federal ambient air quality standards. The districts control emissions from and permit stationary sources of air pollution. They also implement transportation control measures for their respective regions.

County Agricultural Commissioners (CAC)
The Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) works closely with CACs who serve as the primary local enforcement agents for pesticide laws and regulations.

Enforcement Resources/Associations

  • Western States Project: This regional association promotes the effective enforcement of state and local environmental statutes and regulations with a strong emphasis on criminal enforcement. (The Regional Associations operate the Regional Associations Information Network (R@IN), a password protected web site designed specifically for the environmental enforcement professional.)
  • California District Attorneys Association (CDAA): CDAA serves the needs and promotes the interests of California's prosecutors. It provides a forum for the exchange of information and serves as a source of continuing legal education for its membership.
  • Environmental Task Forces: CalEPA encourages the creation and support of local and regional task forces dedicated to the deterrence, detection, investigation and prosecution of environmental violations.
  • California Hazardous Materials Investigators Association: A nonprofit organization that encourages cooperation and coordination of environmental crime investigations conducted by enforcement and administrative agencies.

Regional Water Quality Control Boards (RWQCB)
The Regional Water Quality Control Boards develop basin plans for their hydrologic areas, issue discharge permits, take enforcement actions against violators, and monitor water quality.

Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPA)
Unified Program agencies are responsible for implementing the following local environmental regulatory programs. Regulated entities are required to report this information via the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) or local reporting portals. Summaries of some local enforcement actions are available at http://cersapps.calepa.ca.gov/Public/Directory/EnforcementSummaries/.

  • Hazardous Materials Release Response Plans and Inventories (Business Plans)
  • California Accidental Release Prevention
  • Underground Storage Tank
  • Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tank Spill Prevention Plans
  • Hazardous Waste Generator and Onsite Hazardous Waste Treatment
  • Uniform Fire Code: Hazardous Material Management Plans

Federal - United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA)

Federal Legislation/Treaties/Public Laws Information
The Thomas Web site provides information regarding federal legislation/treaties/public laws by number.

Laws and Regulations

State Government Sites

Other Sites


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