Enforcement Training Resources

Fundamental Inspector Course (FIC)

This online course contains an overview of CalEPA Boards, Departments and local agencies, environmental law, environmental science, the role of the environmental inspector and basic field health and safety. Although the course was designed for new environmental inspectors, members of the public may find also this training helpful. You are welcome to view this self-directed online training for your own benefit. This class is also a prerequisite for attending the Basic Inspector Academy (BIA) and/or the CalEPA Enforcement Symposium. In order to take FIC, access the FIC course login page and create a new account (remember your username and password). If you do not immediately enter FIC, please email Kim Nguyen at knguyen@arb.ca.gov for assistance. 

CalEPA Basic Inspector Academy (BIA)

The BIA teaches environmental agency inspectors and other compliance professionals core knowledge and skills, and cross-media awareness needed to conduct quality inspections. To obtain a certificate of completion you must register and take both the Fundamental Inspector Course (Online Training) and the 4-day classroom course. Information (PDF, 417 KB) | Sample Agenda (PDF, 21 KB)

Enforcement Training Resources

One crucial role CalEPA plays in California’s decentralized network of environmental regulation is to coordinate and assist in enforcement training. Section 12812.2 of the California Government Code requires CalEPA to develop a program to ensure that all the boards, departments, offices, and local agencies that implement environmental laws take consistent, effective, and coordinated compliance and enforcement actions. The statute specifically requires that this program includes training. This mandate is carried out by the Office of the Secretary in conjunction with the CalEPA Enforcement Training Team. If you need information on enforcement training, contact one of the Team members.


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