California Environmental Policy Council

The California Environmental Policy Council (CEPC) was originally established by the Environmental Protection Permit Reform Act of 1993 to designate a consolidated permit agency for applicants for environmental permits from multiple environmental agencies. In 1999 CEPC functions were expanded to review multimedia environmental evaluations of new motor vehicle fuels. The Air Resources Board (ARB) may not adopt any regulation that establishes a motor vehicle fuel specification unless a multimedia evaluation conducted by affected agencies and coordinated by the ARB is reviewed by the CEPC. In 2008, the CEPC was tasked to review the Green Chemistry Safer Consumer Products Alternatives regulations. The CEPC consists of  the Secretary for Environmental Protection (Chair), the Director of Pesticide Regulation, the Director of Toxic Substances Control, the Chairman of the State Air Resources Control Board, the Chair of the State Water Resources Control Board, the Director of the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment and the Director of the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery.

Council Members

  • Matthew Rodriquez, Agency Secretary (CEPC Chair)
  • Mary D. Nichols, Chairman, ARB
  • George Alexeeff, Ph.D., Director, OEHHA
  • Charles Hoppin, Chairman, SWRCB
  • Brian Leahy, Director, DPR
  • Debbie Raphael, Director, DTSC
  • Caroll Mortensen, Director, CalRecycle

Upcoming Meetings

Safer Consumer Products Regulations (2013)

A public meeting to consider the DTSC report, entitled “Recommendation on Need for a Multimedia Evaluation of the Safer Consumer Products Regulations” is scheduled for February 28, 2013 at 9:00 AM in Sacramento, CA.

Assembly Bill 1879 (Chapter 559, Statutes of 2008), established regulatory authority for DTSC to adopt regulations to establish a process for identifying and prioritizing chemicals of concern in consumer products and for evaluating safer alternatives to toxic chemicals through a science-based approach. AB 1879 (HSC 25252 and 25253) required DTSC to adopt regulations no later than January 1, 2011. Additionally, the law (HSC 25252.5) required DTSC to prepare, and submit to the CEPC for review, a multimedia evaluation prior to adopting these regulations. However, the law provided an exception to this process. Specifically, DTSC was allowed to adopt the regulations without being subject to a multimedia evaluation if the CEPC conclusively determined that the regulations will not have any significant adverse impact on public health or the environment. DTSC has prepared a report on the need for a multimedia evaluation of the Safer Consumer Products Regulations and has determined that the regulations would not result in any significant adverse impact on public health or the environment.

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