Unified Program

The Unified Program

Californians are protected from hazardous waste and materials by a Unified Program that ensures consistency throughout the state in regard to administrative requirements, permits, inspections, and enforcement. CalEPA oversees the program as a whole, and certifies 83 local government agencies known as Certified Unified Program Agencies (CUPA) to implement the hazardous waste and materials standards set by five different state agencies. Read more about the Unified Program.

Electronic Reporting

All regulated businesses and local governments are required to submit their regulatory reports electronically either to their local regulatory agency or with the California Environmental Reporting System known as CERS. The system supports electronic data exchange among businesses, local governments and U.S. EPA. Businesses may learn more about the electronic reporting requirements at Electronic Reporting and Surcharge. The public may access information submitted via the CERs system on the Unified Program Regulator Directory.

CUPA Evaluations

CalEPA conducts periodic evaluations of its CUPAs to make sure each local agency is effectively protecting Californians from hazardous waste and materials according to the requirements of the Unified Program. Read more about the evaluation process and schedule, and view results.

Program News

CERS 3.0 Development and Implementation

A CERS 3.0 Workgroup formed in 2014 to evaluate the CERS reporting system, and improve its usability and reporting features. The workgroup consisted of eight subcommittees, comprised of over 75 representatives from state and local regulators, business users (including environmental and public interests), technical advisory groups, and data services vendors. The workgroup developed approximately 150 suggested enhancements to the CERS system, and during a 3-day workshop in June 2015, a data steering committee supported 110 of those suggestions for further review and potential implementation. Learn more about the process at CERS Central.

Unified Program Listservs


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